Section Seven

The Charism of Fr. Chevalier

The following sections deal with Fr. Chevalier’s charism that means, with the special Gift of the Spirit that inspired him to realize his dream of spreading the Devotion to the Sacred Heart, everywhere, as a remedy of the ills of society. His ideal was to bring together in one Society, religious, diocesan priests and lay people, who each in their own way would practice the Devotion to the Sacred Heart, today called a Spirituality of the Heart, by giving witness to it by their way of life, of service and teaching.

We may distinguish the following aspects of Chevalier’s charism which kept him going during his whole life, notwithstanding setbacks and opposition:

1. A passion for Jesus Christ.

2. A developing vision of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart.

3. A Mission of the Heart.

4. A Social Mission.

5. A Shared Mission.

6. A Mission Everywhere.

7. A Mission together with Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

In the following sections, we will present the different aspects of Chevalier’s multi-faceted charism, one by one.

As gifts of the same Spirit, these seven aspects are closely interconnected with one another. Together, these even aspects will give a deeper insight into Chevalier’s charism as the Founder of the Chevalier Family, and consequently, into the charism and identity of the Chevalier Family. (Fr. Hans Kwakman MSC)

A reflective moment

“The charism of Chevalier

should become the charism of the Chevalier Family,

and the source of its identity.

It is the unifying force

that creates coherence and integration

in the variety of ministries and services,

performed by members of the Chevalier Family.

Our spirituality is what we do with Chevalier’s charism;

the way we channel and express it

through our life and ministries.”